Debenhams: Unex in talks over old Ipswich store

Debenhams: Unex in talks over old Ipswich store

The company that bought a town’s prominent former Debenhams store said it was in talks with two new potential tenants, plus restaurant chains.

Unex, headed by property tycoon and racehorse owner William Gredley, has changed the building’s name from Waterloo House to Unex House.

The firm said it was in the process of stripping out the four-storey building.

Managing director Adrian Morris said: “We have demolition contractors stripping the building out and they are due to complete these strip out works circa end of March/early April.

“We are in detailed discussion with two occupiers which between them want to take the first and second floors, and potentially part of the ground floor.

“We have several restaurant chains keen to take space also.”

Online fashion retailer Boohoo bought the Debenhams brand and website in January 2021 but the £55m deal meant the 118 High Street stores would close.

The building was built in 1975 and Debenhams’ tenancy agreement started on 8 August 1977, according to the sale documents.